Azure Magazine publication - Passage Rug Collection

Azure Magazine publication - Passage Rug Collection

A collaboration with Australian architect and interior designer Brooke Aitken, Tsar Carpet’s Passage collection of hand-tufted rugs commemorates seasonal change and the passing of time. Based on a series of sketches Aitken made in response to a dream, each of the six patterns in the Passage collection reflects the natural fluctuations in light, from day to day and season to season.  

Rill and Stone manufacture beautiful luxury homewares designed by the founder Brooke Aitken. Products include designer rugs, blankets and ceramics.

Representing moonlight flooding through tree canopies, Night is hand-tufted using New Zealand wool and depicts a tonal shift of blues; meanwhile, Day (also made from New Zealand wool) is rendered in brilliant oranges, reds and yellows that nod to the vibrancy of the morning sky. 

Geometric florals and stripes in varying thicknesses give Spring (fabricated with New Zealand wool and Tencel) the impression of a field of flowers underfoot, while waves washing over the shore inspired Summer (also made of New Zealand wool and Tencel), which features a subtle shimmer.  

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